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 Join in us at Fox Grove Farm for a weekend of fun and education on our outdoor trail training arena! Take part in a two-day clinic, and then use what you've learned in the inaugural AQHA Trail Challenge held right here at Fox Grove Farm! You're welcome to participate in either the clinic, the trail challenge, or both, and all weekend events are open to any horse breed, riding level, or discipline. Come as an auditor for the clinic on Friday and Saturday or attend Sunday's Trail Challenge as a spectator for no charge. See you there!

Obstacles Clinic

Do you need confidence riding outside a ring? Does your horse need training for hills, bridges, water, and outside noises? Give your young horses a great confidence builder! Come train “in a ring” with real outdoor trail obstacles! 3 different bridges - even a 16’ high bridge to ride over and under! There are also hills, banks, water obstacles and logs of all kinds in the safety of a 2.5 acre fenced area. The first of its kind on the east cost, come learn to “Ride Well” for the trail with us at our farm!


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AQHA Trail Challenge

A Trail Challenge is a judged course that tests a horse and rider’s ability to work as a team and navigate through natural obstacles they might experience on a trail. The purpose of a Trail Challenge is to enhance the horsemanship skills riders need while encouraging education, safety and fun on the trail.

There are generally six to 16 obstacles in any given Trail Challenge, depending on the land and terrain of the host location. A judge or judges (determined by the amount of obstacles) are located throughout the course evaluating a rider’s skills to maneuver his horse through the obstacle. Each horse and rider team starts out with a value of 70 and then gains or loses points, depending on their ability to navigate the course. The horse and rider (partnership) with the highest overall value is declared the Trail Challenge winner in each division.

Information taken from AQHA


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Helmets Required

Questions? Call Marie-Frances at 352 629-3310 or email mariefrances@lynnpalm.com



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