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Clinician, trainer, showman and instructor Lynn Palm and her husband Cyril Pittion-Rossillon are returning to TV in a big way in 2010. In celebration of Palm's 40th year as a horse trainer and clinician, the pair decided to release new material sharing their vast knowledge of horsemanship. Programming will feature lessons from Palm's Dvd collection as well as all new material with subjects ranging from saddle fitting with Pittion-Rossillon to episodes chronicling Palm's preparation for her performance at the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky September 25-October 10, 2010.

HRTV on DISH Network channel 404 will run episodes Mondays at 8:30 p.m. EST. HRTV is a 24-hour, television-based multimedia network dedicated to the "Sport of Kings," horseracing, featuring live racing action from many of the sport's greatest racetracks. In addition to racing action, HRTV programs include action from the world of show jumping, dressage, rodeo events and equestrian lifestyle programming. The HRTV television network is presently available via cable, telco video and satellite in over 18 million US homes.

The University House Channel on DISH Network channel 9411 will host Palm's show Saturday mornings at 9 a.m. EST. The Universityhouse Channel offers a variety of educational programming, from K-12 instruction to accredited university courses. Enjoy these stimulating programs and courses, including programming from Palm and Pittion-Rossillon, in the convenience of your own home.

In Country Television on DISH Network channel 230 and Direct TV channel 344 will air programming Monday 7:30 p.m. EST. Episodes will also run on DISH Network Saturdays at 10 p.m. EST. ICTV is a full-spectrum network with programming that is targeted to the outdoor enthusiast. The network is available worldwide to nearly 14 million households and will soon be available to millions more via the internet as ICTV begins to stream its programming.

Additionally, Palm's show will appear on the American Quarter Horse Association's online television network, The official online network of the AQHA, feature top-quality programming with equestrian professionals. Episodes are free and available worldwide 24-hours a day, seven days a week. With over 5 million registered quarter horses and more than 350,000 worldwide members, the AQHA is the largest equine breed registry and serves as a leading resource organization for those in the equine industry.

Throughout her 40 years as an equine professional, Palm has at one time or another studied, competed, exhibited or instructed dressage, hunter under saddle, western horsemanship, western riding, showmanship, English equitation, hunter jumper, western pleasure, reining and working cowhorse, giving her a broad base from which to help others with their horsemanship goals. Her methods are based on fundamental dressage principles. There are no gimmicks, no quick-fixes and no tricks, just solid horsemanship skills that will give viewers the knowledge and confidence to handle any situation.

Impressive as her performance record is, Palm says that her primary goal is to educate others on forming correct riding skills and building knowledge to increase the riding longevity of their horses. Through her dynamic educational and informative television programming, Palm says she'll be able to further this goal more rapidly than ever before.

Viewer Feedback on Lynn's RFD-TV Programs

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed Lynn and Cyril's tribute show which aired last week on RFD-TV. (I almost missed it due to the misinformation about the programming, but caught most of the first showing and the rerun on Sunday morning.) Your love of horses, of life, the joy of sharing your lives with these wonderful companions, all came through shining bright and clear! It was a joy to watch!
I am 49 and just began therapeutic riding about a year ago. I am now riding a wonderful Quarter Horse named RB, and he has taught me more in the last few months than you can imagine. Winter session starts next week and I cannot wait to see him and learn from him again. Thank you again for your show and tips--I have never ridden in my life, yet through your shows and others on RFD, I have surprised my instructors and volunteers (and RB, too!) with knowledge I gained from watching your shows. Happy New Year!
Laura Johnson

Dear Lynn,
I have just watch you show yesterday and enjoyed what I have seen. I am a mature woman and a first time horse owner. I have a 5yr old quarter horse.

And I am an OK rider. I enjoy the obstacle course training that you showed. I am bordering at a place that has the poles, cones and other things that I can use. Lonesome is a pet but I wanted him to learn things and be well mannered, and this type of training appeals to me.

I did not plan to have my own horse. Things just happened and I was not sure of what I exactly wanted to do with him. I want to do things that will bond us and watching you program made me enthused. I felt I could handle teaching him some of these things on my own. I plan on purchasing your CD on this subject.

Great Show, Thanks!
Christine Donaghy
New Caroline horse owner

I caught your show this afternoon. Just wanted to say that it was very good. I've never banded or braided a horse, so I didn't know how, but you did a very good job at teaching through the camera lens. The camera person did so well filming this show. The transitions on the zoom was slower and not so close-up to you.

Sometimes, even through the TV, it feels like we are close talking. The close-up to your hands worked real well. Thanks for the info. Now, I have a question. You have said that you want a horses mane on the right side. Why is that? Maybe at the next chat you can answer.


Dear Lynn
I hope you are doing well and your leg continues to heal. I just had to write and say that once again you have touched and inspired me. One of my favorite things early on Sunday is to watch your RFD-TV show. This morning was a wonderful moment. I enjoyed the segment on teaching a horse tricks, however the highlight and surprise for me was the tribute on Wills. Watching both of you, the elegance and partnership between you, gave me chills yet again. I must admit, I became teary. Part of that feeling was due to the appreciation of his beauty and talent, and part was due to the true magic of your partnership. Anyone who was fortunate enought to see you perform together knows how I feel. As I have told you before, you were both blessed to have one another. Thanks for sharing the memories with him.

I am sorry I did not make it to Maryland. My friend that was coming with me had to cancel at the very last minute due to a family thing and I was tied up the rest of the weekend by work. I hope to see you in January. Are you doing the expo in Raleigh in December?

I hope the hurricane does not effect your area too much. I wish I were training with you again this fall but I am unable to take vacation for the first 90 days of my new job. I will join you in 2006. Please say hello to everyone and again.....thanks for sharing the memories! It's very special.

Best wishes,

I really enjoyed your show Thursdasy night on what to look for in a good horse. I am 58 and don't know a lot about them other than they are great companions. Hope to buy a couple in the spring. Always enjoy your shows. Keep them coming.

Dry Prong, Louisiana

Dear Lynn,
I got up early Sunday morning to catch your program on RFD and to my delight saw that the subject of this program was getting your horse to take the correct lead! We have been having trouble with our 5-year old Welsh/Arab gelding taking his right lead.

My trainer swore he was left-handed and after three months in training he was only getting the "right" lead about 50% of the time. The way you demonstrated it on the program made complete sense and the instructions made it so easy to follow. We will begin working on your procedure today!

We have our Central National Welsh Pony show in Tulsa, OK at the end of the month and he is entered in several Western Pleasure classes. Hopefully, your method will work!

Thanks again for your wonderful program! It was worth getting up at 7:00 a.m. (Central time) to watch.
Cheryl Schuman
Sycamore Farm Okmulgee, OK

Dear Lynn Palm:
Hi My name is Brian Lagasse I am 26 years old and live about 20 miles north of Gainesville, Florida. Through my years of riding experience, God given horsemanship ability and skills and the people like you willing to share their wealth of knowledge, I have become a fairly good local horse trainer. I watch you show on RFD TV whenever possible. I really like your video on teaching someone to post. I would like to know how I could get a copy of that particular episode. I have customers occasionally that I give lessons to along with their horses and I would like to incorporate you and your method into my program on how to teach the TROT it seems to be the most difficult for someone to master. You made it sound easy and you sound like you do it just like I do. Of course you explained it so much better that's why your the professional. I sincerely hope to hear back from you.

Your truly,
Brian Lagasse

PS: I fell lucky to have gotten the opportunity to pet the world famous horse, which I know is so near and dear in your heart, Rugged Lark on a trip on day to BO-BET farms. So I can just imagine how blessed you must feel to have had the opportunity to have been able to ride and train such a magnificent horse.

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how upset that I am with RFDTV for changing the time slots of the horse programing so drastically. I have enjoyed your show and am sorry to say that I will no longer be able to watch it due to the new time slot. I in no way blame anyone but RFDTV, but wanted to let you know about the lose of a viewer. I am sure that I am not the only person affected by their decisions.

Jill Schmutz

I have watched Lynn at the MN Horse Expo, bought her books and videos, and like her training style. I have learned much from her over time! I have been an avid viewer of her shows on RFD TV, however they have changed their scheduling and she is now on at 11:30 PM instead of 9:30 PM. I am a working adult and since she is no longer on during prime time I will not be able to watch most of the horse shows on RFD TV including Lynn. I believe that RFD TV has enjoyed much of their growth because of their horse shows and now they are pushing our shows to times that are not available to us.

I hope that you can let them know how your viewers feel. I have contacted them!
Pat Swenson

Chris Cox, Lynn Palm and Richard Winters
W we wanted to let you know that we feel that by far, way and above all the other equine programs on RFD-TV your's are consistently the best instructional with usable skills for us. We also wanted let you know how disappointed we are in the new scheduling from RFD-TV and the fact that your shows will only be offered in what we consider off times. RFD-TV has taken almost all of the equine program out of the traditional prime time slots, 7PM to 10PM.

Thanks for your talents and keep up the good training,
Roger & Teri Wardlaw

You only know us casually but Kay and I are real fans. Especially Kay. Tonight Kay was away visiting her mother taking care of her needs and I took time away from work and the computer to watch some TV. I turned to RFDTV and "The Son's of Tennessee, on the Road" was on. After several segments there you were being interviewed. During the interview they showed one of your and Rugged Lark's performances.

When I saw your and Larks performance the first time years ago it brought tears to my eyes. Each time I see that performance I have to admit that tears come to my eyes and tonight was no different. Most men don't admit to such but I will. You surely were lucky and blessed to have your life experience with Lark and his sons. It is hard to imagine how his loss to you, and to Carol, can ever be truly filled.

Now, we were so very saddened by your recent loss of yet another great Lark. I just wanted you to know that even though we live so close (Irvine is a place you pass through often on the way to Fox Grove) and we seldom see you personally, mostly at shows and performances, we do appreciate and admire very much you and your accomplishments. We miss your guys too. Take care!

We wish you and Cyril happiness and good fortune!
Lonnie K. Edwards

Dear Lynn,
I have been watching your show on RFD-TV and I love it. Your demonstrations and explainations are clear and easy to comprehend. You reinforce what is being learned throughout the show, and that helps a lot. I have been able to apply what I have learned with my own horses, and we are slowly building on our successes every day. I especially love watching your paint stallion work-what a beautiful horse! I do remember hearing a lot about your magnificent stallion Rugged Lark-a true legend.

Best of all, you have a passion for what you do, and that comes shining through. Please keep up the great work. Best to you and your family for a speedy recovery.

Eileen Bruni

Lynn & associates ;)
I was thrilled to see your "diagonal & lead" show. I am an experienced rider and was never able to explain how to "feel" diagonals on the straight away. On a bend, with practice, it becomes easy to feel.

"Outside the box" has always been a favorite way for me to train also. Since I am "ring sour" as well ;)

Thank you very much for those excellent shows.
Arlene Atkins,
Equine Nutrition Specialist. Frederick, MD

I love the new half hour programming on RFDTV. You are such a great instructor, letting us know exactly what and why we should be doing the exercises. I really appreciate the part of each show when you do things ' wrong ' to point out our need to be precise in our movements ( horse and rider ).

On a more personal note, you and the whole gang have my deepest sympathy on your loss of Rugged Lark and Wills. I have a very favorite memory of you and Wills from a few years ago at the very first " Ride With The Stars " Trailride in Eminence Mo. On Halloween Day, after all lessons were finished, I dressed my sorrell gelding in a geen witch gear and black hat and flowing robe and I wore bib overalls and a pumpkin head, then rode around camp ' trick or treating '. You were mounted on Wills, near the round pen and I passed a camera to someone to take a photo of little ole me ( in a pumpkin suit of all things ) beside the great Lynn Palm .You were a great sport about it and I cherish the photo .

On the last day of the clinic , I waited all afternoon for one of the ' one on one ' critique session you were giving. You were tired, hot, worn out and had given your all but you took time to give one last look at a very grateful fan. I have taken to heart everything you said to me in that short lesson and will always be thankful for your generous and timely tips. We still have and will always have that gelding, Hotrodding Harley . He is my grown daughters horse and she has done very well with him with quite limited showing. I have a nice western all around mare that I truely love to work with .

This summer I am recovering from spinal disc surgery and all I can do for now is review your " Dressage Principles for Western Riders " series of tapes and wait till your program airs on RFDTV every thursday. You can bet when I am able to mount up again, I will be refreshed and ready to go.

Thanks for all you do and inspire...
Mary Ann Wells

Hi Lynn,
I did forget to mention something very specific about the RFD TV shows. The video I watched last week about picking a Hunter Under Saddle Horse was so informative. The one item that really hit home and really got my interest was about the hind quarters being straight. I believed you mention that from the hock down the leg should be straight and not "camped in" - well my horse is truly not what he is suppose to be and guess what - I have major hock problems. He has a big swelling in front of his hock and also outside of the hock. He has been sound for what I use him for and that is mostly trail riding, but for Dressage not good. I really love to do the Dressage but he is not the horse.

I wish I could have known you and your insight before I went out and bought my first horse. Secondly, you mentioned about the soft eye. My horse does not have that either and we have had some issues. He is really fine now - but it was not good for awhile. I think that an entire series of video's for the first time horse buyer would be such a useful tool. In these videos you could explain what to look for like you mentioned in your picking a Hunter Under Saddle but be even MORE specific of good qualities and give examples of bad conformation and temperament and what can happen with both. Maybe you have these and I have just missed them but this is just a thought.

Again, I will keep watching your videos and will miss riding with you and Cyril this Summer.
Nancy Einwich

Hi Lynn:
I have truly enjoyed all new your RFD-TV shows. I have not missed a one. The filming is just so informative. After taking two of your courses now, watching these new shows just reinforces the things that you and Cyril have taught me.

I am so sad that I will not be able to make the Dressage for Quarter Horse in Michigan. Just looking on your Website today and seeing that you are getting ready to go up there makes me feel very sad. Upper Michigan is really a great place. I would love to ride with you and Cyril again this Summer.

My horse had a really bad lip injury and this really set me back financially.My horse was in surgery for 2 1/2 hours to sew him back up. The vet took before and after pictures. It was just amazing what she could do. My vet truly saved his life.

For now I will enjoy all the RFD-TV shows and save my pennies to come and ride with you and Cyril again soon. I have learned more from my Michigan Class and Florida Class in one week than I have learned all year taking different lessons from people in my area. You both truly have a knack for teaching.

Have fun this Summer up in Michigan.
Nancy Einwich

I really enjoy spending Saturday morning with you, I feed the horses, get my hot tea and watch your show on RFD-TV Saturday mornings...... Thanks so much, the topics on what to look for in an English and Western horse have been very helpful, I am the coach for the York County (PA) 4H Horse Judging Team and this is very good info for the kids......

Keep up the great work,
Jennifer Geedy

You are doing a great job! Years ago i bought the video series of Dressage Principles for the western rider and that was the best thing i ever did. The new series is great. I need to work on more ground work with a disrespectful biting mare. I like what you do and wish we could see more ground work at times, but you're a great leader and hope we can see more of you on RFD!

I got RFD/dish specifically for the horse program, everyone else is just a bonus. Thank you for helping me have a great show season with my crabby appy PISTOLMIGHTYJOY last year! we got 4th in adult trail and i had gotten her in march. not too shabby with a new horse to finish the series 5th in adult western to boot.

Thanks again,
Donald Martin

Thank you so very much. Am older pleasure rider. Your instruction in your shows are presented in such a way that they are relatively easy to follow. Older riders who received instruction when they were young treasure the learning refreshment!

Chris Biller
Beau Acre Farm, Bell, Fl.

Hi Lynn!
Here is what I think of your show and I caught it just for a little while. I have been in and around horses all my life I am 60. So I really like how you teach your explanations in what is wrong and then the really important information on how to correct what is wrong and showing the correct way to do leg aids, or what ever topic you are instructing on.

Ya know so many of the horse/rider trainers/instructors always tell the people how the horse should move or perhaps they just show the wrong way without giving good instruction on what not to do, or actually showing what to do to correct the problem. Keep up the good instruction, isn't horse back riding fun? I still ride my Arabians but I love all horses. I will keep watching even though I have had horses since I was 12 you just never are done learning.

Lyle Braaten

Yes - I love your show on RFD-TV! Yours is the only segment of 'Horse TV' that teaches how to ride!

Your explanations on how to use the aids, and when to use which aid - is very clear, and sooooo helpful! It is almost always assumed that a rider knows how to use the proper aids - I take English riding lesson, and still find it difficult to get clear and specific information. I watch your program every week! I also like the written notes that you add, after each section of demonstration - it makes it easier to remember and visualize exactly what you have just shown.

Thank you!
Louise Janzen - Sanger, California

I like them. They are short and to the point. Love the format of teaching one exercise that you can go out and work on with your horse. Then the next week the exercise you show usually builds on the exercise from the week before.

Lori Schmidt

They are great!!! I also have your Longevity Training series of tapes, and I learn something new every time I watch them. My horse and I thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Patricia Jensen

PLEASE keep the RFD-TV shows going!!!


Hi Lynn,
I love the shows on RFD-TV! I look forward to watching them every week! You are such an inspiration!

Claudia Jones

Yes, I enjoy all of your RFD-TV shows! The last one on the turn on the haunches, reminded me of my Versatility clinic with you back in the 80's in Michigan. What fun that was!

So, the next time I went out, I tried it with my young gelding, and darned if we diden't get it pretty good. I was making the mistake you spoke of, getting my hands "too active". I supported my rein, brought the head tilted just enough, and used the leg bumping. Can't wait to learn the sidepass...that is the harder one for me.

Keep up the wonderful work.
As always,
Jane McKeon
Bedford, VA

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