At Palm Partnership Training, we are committed to improving the partnership between horse and rider. Because of that commitment, we endorse products and companies that we truly believe in and can stand behind.

The following companies generously sponsor and participate in Palm Partnership Training.


Featherlite has been building superior all-aluminum horse trailers of all types including gooseneck, bumper pull and living quarters trailers designed to haul from 1 to 15 horses for over 35 years. Over that time, Featherlite has developed innovations focused on safety and comfort for horses as well as durability and ease-of-use. Featherlite’s uni-body all-aluminum construction delivers unmatched strength not to mention the benefits so many other horse owners report – superior resistance to rust and corrosion, a lighter, smoother, steadier and more fuel efficient tow and a higher resale value! Featherlites are engineered for a quieter ride with features like deep cushion rubber floor mats that safeguard your horses during travel. Larger windows for maximum light and airflow are an important feature of every Featherlite. Discover the perfect Featherlite horse trailer for you and your horses today!

"I am always striving to do the the very best for my horses. Transporting them is part of ownership and it is very important for me to have the best safety and comfort for my horses. I also consider noise level, air flow and maintenance. I rarely have any repairs and the trailer is so easy to use including doors, ramp, windows, partitions, and hook up. Featherlite is the trailer of my choice and I recommend the #1 quality brand trailer on the market today to anyone who cares about their horse!" - Lynn Palm

  Callaway Farms Manufacturing, LLC, was formed in April 2007 by Andrew E. Bowers, Jr., Eugene M. Callaway, Jr. and Blake W. Callaway, Sr. All three are Georgia natives and graduates of the University of Georgia with extensive backgrounds in Agri-business throughout the United States of America.

Our vision is to ensure satisfaction of animal owners by meeting their needs for premium quality bedding through a network of distribution methods. The goal of CFM is to be the leading provider of animal bedding products in the United States. CFM plans to accomplish this goal through differentiation in distribution methods, uninterrupted product availability and a laser focus on animal owner satisfaction. Our manufacturing facility is state of the art and capable of unequaled product quality and consistency through vertical integration of its raw material procurement and processing. The manufacturing operation is designed to deliver industry leading product value through America’s leading agribusiness wholesalers and  retailers.

I am so proud to have teamed with Callaway Farms. They produce the best shavings on the market today! What a difference I have found cost efficiency and cleanliness in my stable. They are dry, no dust, easy to spread from it package, light and fluffy, and have a great smell. I know my horses love them because they lay down everyday and rest. They provide a soft thick bed and I love that for my horses! They are very easy to use and no waste with unused shavings when cleaning stalls. They very absorbent and keeps my barn smelling clean at all times! I love this! They provide several types of shavings to suit your needs in your stable. I like the Derby Select best. Easy to use, very economical, and the quality bedding I want for the health of my horses! - Lynn Palm


Founded in 1893 by William H. Danforth, Purina, with its innovative approaches to business, creative marketplace solutions and state-of-the-art technology, is a leader in the global pet products category.

"My horses, for competition, are recognized to always be happy. This comes from Dressage Principles Training but most of all their health. Purina takes care of this for all our horses from birth to seniors! We use various Purina products such as Omolene, Strategy, Athlete, Complete Advantage, and Equine Senior for our horses according to the individual training and goals of each horse." -- Lynn Palm


Professional's Choice Sports Medicine Products, Inc. ("PC Sports") is a market leader renowned for revolutionizing the horse industry by offering products that prevent and aid in the rehabilitation of injuries to horses. Its reputation in the equine industry is the result of diligent scientific research and development, together with a commitment to providing products of the highest quality in the market.

Privately owned, PC Sports was founded in 1976 by Dal and Nina Scott. Since it's inception, Dal and Nina strived to shape the company into what it is today. They continue to work hard, promoting the company's growth and reputation by exploring new business opportunities and devoting a significant amount of time to product development.

I am very proud to have developed a line of English pads with Professional’s Choice.  From Dressage to Hunt Seat, we have developed a line for every horseman’s needs.  My horses love the orthopedic air ride material used in both the dressage and hunt seat pads.  I love the square pad and the half pads and we will soon have hunt seat shaped pads to offer as well.  They give me the satisfaction that my horses feel good when I am riding them.  I recognized the need for more pad protection with English saddles because I see so many poorly fit saddles.  These pads are great for this and also good for undesirable conformation traits."
--Lynn Palm

  Succeed  Succeed is the best product on the market for the wellness of the horses digestive tract! Three years ago Freedom Health LLC, asked me to try the product on 3 of my horses. I was so amazed how much better they looked that I have every horse on my farm on SUCCEED! That is over 25 horses! If you are looking for extra bloom for your horse's coat or muscle development over the top line, Succeed will do it for your horse. Succeed is a product that I will always use on my horses in work for competition or not.

I love SmartPaks for Rugged Painted Lark and all my horses – show horses, breeding stallions, broodmares, school horses, and young prospects because they are easily customized for each horse’s needs.  SmartPaks are “travel friendly” and always fresh. Staff feeding my horses can’t make mistakes with any horse! SmartPaks make smart sense to keep my horses happy and healthy!


We offer a variety of kits appropriate for the size of your herd. Specialized first aid kits are available for the barn, trail riding, trailering, and more. Restocking and optional supplies are also available.

Our well designed, user friendly, fully outfitted first aid kits will help you to be prepared for your horse emergency health care needs.

Trail Riding: Ride Smart! I wouldn't leave the barn without my EquiMedic Trail Riding First Aid Kit! I also feel secure with the compass on the wonderful horn bag!

Trailering: When we travel with horses, not only are we responsible to be safe and secure for ourselves, but also our horses! Every trip, I have my EquiMedic First Aid kit packed in a compartment that I can get to the easiest in case of emergency. It sure gives me comfort knowing that I have my First Aid Kit with me at ALL times!

Barn: I love my barn EquiMedic First Aid kit, as it allows me give any horse immediate care if they are sick or injured. It also is wonderful to have all the products needed to give a horse first aid before a vet arrives. If a rider needs first aid, from as simple as blister to a broken bone, the EquiMedic Barn First Aid kit can help! Both of my facilities in Florida and Michigan each has a barn kit. I would not allow riders, the public, or horses in the barn without my first aids barn kit on hand! That is smart business!

-- Lynn Palm


Troxel is the leader in safety helmets. I am so proud to endorse, recommend and promote safety with my relationship with Troxel. The variety of styles and colors accommodates all levels of riders and disciplines. I love the comfort, coolness and protection from my Troxel helmet. It gives me added confidence in my riding. -- Lynn Palm


#1 Jean and Western wear in the American Horse Industry today. Ladies, there will be the most dynamic new lines of riding clothes coming soon from Wrangler!

"Wrangler, thanks for riding with me to several western event AQHA World Championships! I couldn't have done it without out your wonderful jeans!!" -- Lynn Palm


Kerrits is a nationally recognized manufacturer of quality performance equestrian apparel, founded in Hood River, OR in 1986. You’ll find Kerrits Performance Equestrian Activewear in leading stores throughout the United States and Canada.

"Having professionally trained since 1970, Kerrits clothing is my very favorite schooling clothes that I have encountered.  I love their breeches, shirts, jackets, socks and gloves.  There isn’t any Kerrits clothing that doesn’t allow me to be comfortable, feel good and be confident when I am wearing them—whether I am with my horse friends or training horses" -- Lynn Palm. 



Exceptional craftsmanship and customer satisfaction have been hallmarks of Harris Leather and Silverworks since 1968. Their products are crafted to capture the individuality of both rider and horse. Exquisite leather tooling and flawless silver detail have earned Harris world-wide acclaim for unsurpassed product quality.

"For over 20 years I have been riding in a Phil Harris custom western saddle! They are the first company to design a close contact western saddle that allows me to communicate with my horse easier. There is no other saddle on the market that will give you the perfect balance in the saddle. I have never had a horse the saddle did not fit! All their tack; western headstalls, reins, show halters, show saddles and accessories are the best on the market! They even make my Bridleless neck rope! Thanks to them they have made me a better rider and outfitted me to Championships in the show ring.

You can find their tack as well as a ladies training saddle by visiting my on-line store . If you would like to improve your riding, consider this saddle. It is also light weight! Once you try a "Phil Harris", you won't want any other saddle!" -- Lynn Palm


"We want every Western Hauler conversion we produce to be different... even better, if possible... than the last one."

This has been the philosophy of Wayne Bell, Larry Roberts and the entire Western Hauler staff since its beginning in 1982. With each Western Hauler comes a new creation... a new generation... that meets and exceeds the exacting specifications, demands and expectations of the modern truck enthusiast. That reaches to set new industry standards. That carries on the tradition of excellence. Western Hauler. "The True Choice of Champions"

"If you are looking for a first class custom truck conversion, Western Hauler is the very best in the industry! Wayne Bell, owner, is excellent to do business with too! I am so happy to have 2 western haulers, a Ford 550 diesel dually pickup to pull our 4 horse living quarters trailer, and a Chevy Suburban as our personal vehicle which also pulls our 2 horse trailer. If you need help on the right vehicle for you, simply contact them for help and be sure to compare your prices! I even love the customized plaque on the console that they make that says "especially made for Lynn Palm"!" -- Lynn Palm


Dressage Today is the quintessential monthly handbook for dressage riders of all levels. This award-winning magazine offers news, entertainment and information on training and riding theories and strategies from the world's top dressage riders and trainers.


Practical Horseman is the English riders' #1 resource. True to its name, Practical Horseman provides educational articles on training, riding, horse care and competition. As the top English riding magazine in North America, Practical Horseman is a winner.


EQUUS, a legend in equine publishing, is the horse owners' resource. For more than 25 years, this uncontested leader for horse-care information has helped shape modern horsekeeping by promoting the best interests of the horse. Its award-winning articles on veterinary advances, horse anatomy and physiology, equine behavior and horse-related social issues have earned over 17 General Excellence Awards from American Horse Publications (AHP) - more than any other magazine.

Horse & Rider magazine is #1 as the Educational magazine for the Western and English Rider. I am proud to be a Horse & Rider Team Associate. If you are looking for easy to read and hands on training from the top trainers in the country, you need to subscribe to the publication!


From the coasts to the heartland, the Snowbelt to the Deep South, BlueHighways TV offers a window into the experiences, music, neighborhoods, art, festivals and celebrations that, interwoven together, define America’s vivid culture and character.

Joining all of these elements, BlueHighways TV is creating a fresh, sincere and original entertainment schedule that combines new faces and places with an already-available library of hundreds of hours of original programming.


Global Horse Network -- The Equine Community's Network


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