Lynn Palm Horse Expo Appearances

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Lynn has a great desire to share her knowledge with everyone who has a passion for horses, as well as to promote excellence in ethics, riding and training! She and her assistant trainer Marie-Frances Davis demonstrate the Dressage Principles they use to train their horses and riders, which principles encompass all breeds of horses and all disciplines of riding. Her Horse Exposition lectures are very informative, educational, and inspirational. Lynn also spends an entire day and evening at her booth so she can meet you, sign autographs, and answer your questions! If you are interested in training with Lynn at home, she has 27 different educational videos, books, and various training tools that you can see and purchase from her at her booth! Lynn and/or her staff, who are all Palm Partners, will be happy to personally help you choose the right training tools to take home with you.

While at Lynn's booth, you can also enroll in her 6-day Palm Partnership Training™ Equestrian Education Schools which are held in Florida and Michigan.
There are special discounts offered for signing up for her schools at the Horse Expositions! There are also drawings at her booth for many prizes, including a drawing for free A5 Oster Clippers, and specials on many products! Don’t miss out on this! There is also a very special drawing for a free enrollment at one of Lynn’s Palm Partnership Training™ School Sessions, as well as a chance to win a free breeding to Rugged Painted Lark!

Come join us at the next Horse Exposition near you! Lynn would love to meet you and have you be a Palm Partner!




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