Scheduled Clinics

Make plans for a customized clinic at your own facility!   Lynn Salvatori Palm and Cyril Pittion-Rossillon are available throughout the year either as a team or individually to travel to your location to work with your horse club, association, stable or private group of equestrians.  Lynn has been rated as one of the top clinicians by Horse and Rider Magazine  and is one of the few clinicians with a proven record of success!

Clinics are open to you as riding students and/or auditing participants. Lynn will assist in customizing the clinic to your own specific needs and desires.

The following is a partial list of subjects that Lynn can offer for your clinic. Dressage fundamentals are taught for any type of performance. Clinics are for all breeds of horses and any level of rider. 

• Hunter under saddle
• Hunt Seat Equitation
• Hunter Hack
• Working Hunter
• Pleasure Driving
• Western Pleasure
• Western Horsemanship
• Trail
• Western Riding
• Showmanship
• Dressage Training Through Fourth
  Level Tests
• Conformation - Form to Function
• Mental Preparation for the Competitor
• Training Techniques for any Subject
• Show Ring Techniques for any Subject

Clinics must be a minimum of two (2) days. A full day consists of six hours of riding instruction. Lynn insists on personalized instruction for each student; therefore, there is a limit on the number of riding students but no limit on audit students. Call (800) 503-2824 or email us at for more details, dates that are available and a contract!

With Lynn $2,000.00 Per Day (2 day minimum)
With Cyril $1,000.00 Per Day

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