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LindsayMy name is Lindsay Dance Sanderson and I live in Palm City, Florida. I am originally from Baltimore, Maryland where I began riding when I was six years old. I began taking riding lessons with my Mom and Dad as a family activity, and I was hooked! I continued with lessons, joined the local 4-H club, and competed in many local shows. We moved to Palm City, Florida when I was eleven, and my riding continued at a new farm. My family purchased a horse for me and I was excited to continue learning with a new teacher.  I advanced to more serious showing in the hunter arena throughout High School. Though I love to show, in recent years my focus has been more toward training horses, and more recently, teaching riders.

My goal is to help horse lovers in our community enjoy their horses to the fullest, no matter if they ride english or western, or wish to trail ride or show.  I am a true believer that learning the correct care and maintenance of your horse is a must. I wish to teach the skills necessary to give horses the best care possible:  from grooming and general health, to proper communication from the ground, and under saddle. I have a range of students from all ages, and all with different goals and disciplines. I wish for all my students and friends to have the best relationship with their horses, and for them to feel confident and happy when they are riding.

The Palm Partnership Training motto that I love most is “happy riders and willing horses.” I don’t think there is a better goal for every horse and rider to have, or any better standard to live by! I feel so lucky to have met Lynn and Cyril, and to have had such amazing opportunities to learn from them.  I wish to continue learning from them, so that I can grow as both a rider and a teacher, and become the best horsewoman I can be!

 Lindsay Dance Sanderson



AngelynAngelyn Trimble

Stuart, FL 

I fell in love when I was 3 years old—with horses, that is! Thinking that I would eventually outgrow my fascination, my parents enrolled me in riding lessons when I was 7, which only deepened my love for the magnificent four-legged beasts. By the time I was 11, I had proved that I was in it for the long-haul, so my parents bought me a horse. Colonel was with me for 26 years!

 As a teenager, I continued taking lessons and competed for 8 years in Western and Hunter. I was afforded the opportunity to groom a friend’s horse at the All American Quarter Horse Congress in Columbus, Ohio. That experience sparked my interest in the quarter horse. I was amazed at the temperament, consistency, and versatility of this breed. I just had to learn more.

 Much of my training throughout the years, however, was by trial and error. Sure, I had taken lessons, but not from “the experts.” So in my 20s, while I trained horses and instructed riders in Brevard County, Florida, I felt the need for something more. I wanted to learn from “the best,” so I could offer the finest training to my students. Fortunately, I live in Florida, so the opportunity happened to be my own backyard.

 After a break to start my family, it was apparent that my passion for teaching others had not been quenched. But I wanted to go about it the right way by taking my own training to the next level before instructing others. So, in 2003 I attended my first clinic with Lynn in Jupiter, FL. I quickly decided to pursue the affiliate training program and model myself after her because of her program’s strong fundamentals. I took every opportunity to ride with Lynn and Cyril, soaking up every bit of wisdom they had to offer. 

 I was most impressed by how the two could communicate through lightness and how they taught the dressage principles to pertain to any horse and rider. I gained a wealth of knowledge as a result of training with Lynn and Cyril, and my goal is to pass that along to others.  

 I offer private or group lessons, and I will travel to the client’s farm. I provide training at the client’s facility or mine. I am also a certified equine sports massage therapist for all breeds—maintenance or injury related.   

For more information, please contact me at 772-485-5925 or e-mail me at colbama@aol.com.

Kelly Nolte
Salisbury, MD

Kelly Nolte
First I want to let you know a little bit about myself and my qualifications. I have been riding since I was four years old. I was one of those lucky little girls that got a pony for her birthday and I never stopped! I started taking formal riding lessons at the age of eight and started Pony Club shortly after. I competed very successfully in Pony Club until I was twelve. In high school I started showing on the local hunter/jumper circuit and then moved to Virginia to compete on the A circuit. I've also shown in the Arabian circuit, AQHA, and APHA. In 1999, I completed the year long John Lyons Certification program in natural horsemanship and began my career as a professional. Since then I have continued showing and coaching successfully in the hunters, jumpers, and dressage. However, my career was just getting started when I met Lynn Palm and Cyril Pittion-Rossillon.

I first saw Lynn Palm at the Maryland Horse Expo in 2003. I was so excited about the knowledge she shared that I immediately signed up for a Dressage Principles school that summer. The greatest thing I learned that week was that I didn't know enough! I needed to learn more and I was ready and eager to learn everything Lynn and Cyril had to offer. I continued going to Michigan and Florida twice a year for schools and private lessons. I have enjoyed so much working individually with both Lynn and Cyril. When Cyril first approached me about the Palm Partnership Affiliates program I was elated! I was so honored that I was invited to participate in this program. I am even more honored to have completed it and to be able to teach using the Dressage Principles.

Currently, I own and operate Brooke Clare Farm on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Brooke Clare Farm is an equine education center that offers its students a variety of opportunities. My mission is to provide a safe and fun atmosphere for all horse enthusiasts to learn and to achieve their goals. My students and I have also just started a club for young riders called Kel's Bels. Though riding is an individual sport, we compete and train as a team, helping and supporting each other at every level. We also travel together to other horse related events: expos, clinics, movies, trail rides, and more. My students range from the casual trail rider to the serious competitor and from the age of four to sixty four!

I am not just a riding instructor, but am also a rider and competitor. I value my continuing education in equestrian sports and feel that it contributes greatly to my effectiveness as an instructor. I will continue to work with Lynn and Cyril, accepting any challenge they give me!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Contact Information
Kelly Nolte
114 May Dr
Salisbury MD 21804
443 944 0116

Kris Carey
LaPointe, WI


My name is Kristin Carey.  I have been a riding and training horses for the past 20 years. I came across the good fortune of meeting Lynn Palm and Cyril Pittion-Rossillon over 20 years ago.  I was lucky enough to find them both early in my riding career.  Living on Madeline Island, La Pointe, WI, it is not very close to many equestrian facilities or instructors.  Lucky for me, I found the Royal Palm Ranch, in Bessemer, MI where all my PPT learning began. I currently own, train, and ride a Regal Lark gelding doing 2nd Level Dressage, who has also been shown as a successful hunter.  Creative Reign or “Chance” helped me to complete the first Bronze Level Affiliate Program with great success.  I have continued to learn and train with him working with many dressage and hunter/jumper instructors but I will always be grateful for the correct basic fundamentals I have learned through Cyril and Lynn’s great teaching, especially in our early stages.  Chance has been my great teacher, and I owe a lot of my success to him!  My next best teacher, Giselle HF has been the horse we all dream of.  I took on her training as a youngster of 3 years old. She has now become a successful competitor in the Meter 1.40 Jumpers.  Her success is proof that if you build a partnership of trust with a horse using the basic fundamentals of dressage they will become happy and successful in their work!

I now run a small horse business on Madeline Island.  We provide a great opportunity for riding instruction for all levels. 

I use the fundamental principles of dressage to teach both riders and horses.  I instruct riders of all disciplines, from hunt seat, dressage, to over fence riders.

Summer programs include  2 Horse Kids Camps.  Also a Yoga and Horses Retreat in conjunction with Madelineislandyogaretreats.com.

If you are planning a trip to our area and are interested in a visit or a lesson please do not hesitate to call.  I teach year round (unless I’m in Florida riding!)

We offer:  Riding Instruction, Horse Training, Clinics, Judging

Contact Information
Hippophile Farm
Located on Madeline Island
PO Box 211
LaPointe, WI 54850
Barn phone:  (715) 747-6872
Email:  hippophilefarm@cheqnet.net

Set on 55 acres next to beautiful Lake Superior, Hippophile Farm on Madeline Island

Barn Includes:

8 stall barn with 11x12 stalls
72x184 newly attached indoor arena with rubber/sand footing
Separate wash rack, feed room and tack room
120x200 outdoor sand arena

Large individual paddocks
Large pasture for summer grazing
Safe fencing
Plenty of trails

We offer:
Lessons, Board, Training/Conditioning

Rates: For more information, check our website Services page


Lessons can be done on your horse or on one of our seasoned lesson horses

Board includes:  stall, shavings, grain, quality hay, vitamin/mineral supplement, daily handling and turnout. 

Training:  Program is customized to each individual horse

For more information, please contact Kris Carey


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